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What is it about Obama that he brings the worst in good people?

Nernina at Puma Blog reports on Maxine Waters insulting PUMAS:

Driving home from work tonight (I’m on the W coast) I happened to hear Maxine Waters on Air America (Peter B. Collins show I think… don’t listen to the station often) and she was asked about PUMAs and she went on at length…

She basically said we are all old feminists who have done all the work for equal rights and raising our families and now the kids are all gone and maybe the husband has left us for a younger woman (Yes, she actually said that!) and we’re left all alone and we put everything into our support for Hillary and can’t let go. But she thinks we’ll come around

As one of the Florida 14, Bush opponents, Hillary supporter Maxine has been my hero…Now she joins the clueless brigade – get votes through insults – Obama’s patented method

This cat’s for you Maxine:


Trying to see a lighter side  as I love and respect you too much to think you’d say something so stupid

.Maybe you don’t want B0 to win?

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter