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Statesman.com reports

Still, an uncounted swath of Clinton backers, including voters who see Clinton as a groundbreaker mistreated by the media and national party, is taking a hard line in step with a national Web-driven effort dubbed PUMA (Party Unity My Ass).

They seem to make it all about VP but some good lines:

“So why is he prancing around in Europe like he’s the president-elect?” Morey said this week. “I cannot vote for him. I cannot bring myself to vote for this poseur.”

Morey said she’ll likely skip the presidential election on her fall ballot.

Eventually some substance issues are mentioned

“I just can’t see myself voting for Obama,” Levit said, listing as factors Obama’s relative inexperience, what Levit views as the “ruled-by-mob” style of the primary-night caucuses and news reports that the candidate has shifted to the right on some issues.

They quote dean calling us Republicans and Will’s rebuttal.

And we even hear from the Crawford PUMA who confronted Dean

Of course the articl gives voice to the reformed Hillary supporters (real or not) – including the ones willing to trample PUMAS with their UNITY PONY

“I am a huge Hillary supporter and always will be. I think she’s an incredible woman. But you have to support the party.”

Susman called the PUMA position “ridiculous; we have a nominee.” (how so, dear? Did he get 2100+ PLEDGED delegates in the primaries?

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Still, all in all, not a bad PUMA sighting.

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