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Around two dozen Hillary Clinton supporters, some carrying signs saying “Dump Dean,” attempted to shout down Democratic national chairman Howard Dean during an appearance in Charlotte today.

The demonstrators said they were protesting what they said was a decision not to put Clinton’s name in nomination at next month’s Democratic convention.

Dean was briefly drowned out by shouts such as “I own my vote.”

So, Dean makes another ambiguous/conditional statement, equating himself with Hillary:

“There will be a roll call vote at the convention if Hillary Clinton wants one,” he went on. “We all respect each other and we certainly respect Sen. Clinton. This is a unified party. It is not easy to be on the losing side and I know … because four years ago, I was on the losing side.”

PUMAs also caught him getting ahead of himself:

The shouts continued intermittently. When Dean mentioned what he called “the biggest job for President Obama,” protesters shouted “He’s not president!”

Congratulations Charlotte front and Center! You rock!

Coward_Dean_s_Visit_grp_protesting_.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

Go there for great photos of the event! And their own blog chronicling this:

Howie told reporters: “I’m not sure all of them are Clinton supporters,” he said. “I think some of them are having fun at the Democrats’ expense. I think shouting through somebody’s speech is low-class.”

Observer reported 150-170 Obama supporters. We counted. There were 70 at the tops including politicians and reporters. There were about 24 Pumas gathered.

Yes, Howie, we are your low class, gun toting, religion-clinging, bitter Democrats.

I am also having a fun deja vu from this time a year 2003: Dean was campaigning – having some weird, scary rallies – and his slogan at the time was something like: We’re going to trouble Bush’s sleep this summer”

Well, seems you are the light sleeper these days, Howie. Just as election thieves should.

Update linking the Charlotte Observer account

and another account from the PUMA who asked about Denver:

The press was very interested and spent the majority of this time talking to us.  Unlike Coward, the press understands that we are not Republicans.

The Bots, like their savior, were more interested in censoring us by trying to stand in front of the protest signs so the press couldn’t take pictures.  Not a very effective strategy since the images got taken anyway, and were broadcast all over the news.  The Bots are so challenged, bless their hearts.

Dr. Dean assured me that there will be an open convention.  I feel sooooo much better now.”