Preconditions, schmeconditions! Where’s a Dollar (or more), there isΒ  way

ABC news reports

“The Obama campaign has promised to have a private meeting with Iranian Americans if we as a group can raise $250,000 for this coming Sunday’s event,” Manouch Moshayedi, a prominent Iranian-American businessman in Orange County, Calif., wrote in an e-mail distributed to potential donors July 9, according to a copy of the message obtained by ABC News.

It seems the Obama campaign got to the whistle blower – so he’s trying to blame himself for the appearance of quid pro quo, but the secret meeting took place and for the quarter million they got a short speech and no Q&A

in describing Obama’s short speech: “He basically talked about stopping this rhetoric about going to war with Iran,” the attendee said. “Manouch” described Obama as the right man to “calm down the world”

And then the Obama campaign on it:

The Obama campaign said there was nothing unusual about the event.

Probably not, by Bush/Cheney standardards.

“As Mr. Moshayedi has acknowledged, his e-mail did not reflect the nature of the event and was not authorized by the campaign,” said Hari Sevugan, an Obama spokesman. “Like all campaigns that host these sorts of functions, we committed to an event and set a fundraising goal with the hosts which they tried to meet. Sen. Obama spoke to the group for about 15 minutes, shook some hands and took some photos. There was no Q & A.”

So, all the parsing about “preconditions” preparations” for talks with Iran were codespeak for a price.

Change you can believe in. And a few Dollars too.