yes, they have been good rejecting McCain editorial, but what they have done for The One lately?

Reports the New Republic:

Around midnight on July 16, New York Times chief political correspondent Adam Nagourney received a terse e-mail from Barack Obama’s press office.

The campaign was irked by the Times‘ latest poll and Nagourney and Megan Thee’s accompanying front-page piece titled “Poll Finds Obama Isn’t Closing Divide on Race,”

As they went around publishing rebuttals elsewhere, Nagourney reacted:

“I’ve never had an experience like this, with this campaign or others,” Nagourney tells me. “I thought they crossed the line. If you have a problem with a story I write, call me first. I’m a big boy. I can handle it. But they never called. They attacked me like I’m a political opponent.”

Hey, Nagourney, at least they didn’t pull your story from the paper

Considering what he did to Gore and Clark, part of me celebrates. The other part of me also celebrates – hoping for retribution.

I think TNR is jumping the gun a bit, talking about divorce and ending the affair.

having seen the W&media marriage of 8 years – I see the similarity and I dubb this one of many moments f “spousal abuse”

I predict Nagourney will praise B0 shamelessly.

Still, this story gives us another bush-like “narrative management”:

“They’re terrified of people poking around Obama’s life,” one reporter says. “The whole Obama narrative is built around this narrative that Obama and David Axelrod built, and, like all stories, it’s not entirely true. So they have to be protective of the crown jewels.”

Another reporter notes that, during the last year, Obama’s old friends and Harvard classmates were requested not to talk to the press without permission.

And the question rises: why did the media put up with this?