Politico reports of a floating (what’s this – a trial balloon ? Public opinion poll expected?) of a VP trial.

It’s a set of ovaries – for you bitter women.

belongs to a Republican (you Republican financed PUMAs)

and to satisfy the Bush’s first term fans – she was in his cabinet. – Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman.

But Veneman, 59, has a biography that could be suited to Obama’s unifying message. A Republican raised on a California peach farm, she rose to become the nation’s first female agriculture secretary. In 2002 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was treated successfully. Today she serves as executive director of the United Nations children’s agency, UNICEF.

The selection of a Republican could bolster Obama’s unifying message, a Capitol Hill Democrat familiar with the discussion said.

And if some dislike the idea of a woman on the ticket, no worries: other Republicans are lined up:

Other Republicans mentioned as potential Obama running mates include Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, who accompanied him to Iraq, and retired Marine Gen. James Jones.

So, I guess us bitter women better ask Obama nicely to go with the ovaries…oops! I forgot! They wouldn’t listen to us…we are Republican!

I mean it’s true that all these Democrats turned him down, but, dayum!

I wonder: will B0 be as successful at “post-partisan” as he was at “post-racial”?


here’s a nugget of information that ads credibility to this ‘float”

Ann Veneman is connected to George Soros via UNICEF

Oborg, not happy. On a forum, they called the poster of this information “a troll, or worse: a PUMA!”