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The Denver group Ad has gotten the attention of the Chicago ABC station which did a feature on the Nightly news (video at the link).

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The ad was briefly featured (the denver group URL appeared) as was a very short Heidi Li interview

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“We don’t want to see a coronation of a nominee. We should hold an authentically democratic convention so that it legitimizes whoever wins, be that Senator Obama or Senator Clinton

For rebuttal they got a Clinton delegate to speak for Hillary – the usual Unity Pony babble.

The reporter then read a statement from B0s campaign (Burton) – not present in the written account – which glosses over hiring Hillary personnel and interestingly says in Donna Brazile spirit

Hillary will have a major role at the convention, even if there won’t be a showdown for the nomination

and the Andy Shaw adds the suggestion “and if she doesn’t want one, there won’t be one regardless of what these militants would like to see”

(Militants – sounds menacing, huh?)

But the upshot of this coverage –

PUMA is on  NETWORK now

We managed to get a statement from the Obama campaign re: Denver takeover – they don’t want a nomination vote, predictably

And as a side note – they managed to mention Mccain in this feature – almost in the same breath as Ron Paul.

But as for PUMA, we’ve just begun!


NYT (the one which rejected Mccain editorial) has a feature on us too

Denver Group Ad

They link the full ad and features its header. They get a fuzzier statement from Burton than ABC, but interestingly  we find out that

Calls to the Democratic National Committee were referred to the Obama campaign, and Bill Burton, a spokesman said: “We’re working out the details of the convention, and we’ll let people know when the specifics are worked out.”

Let me repeat that:

Calls to the Democratic National Committee were referred to the Obama campaign

Not really news since the move to Chicago, but still breathtaking!

The article concludes with Heidi Li statement

“I don’t know which way it’ll go and neither does he,” said Professor Feldman of Mr. Dean. “If he knew, he would just allow it to happen.”


Clinton victory in convention balloting would be a long shot — at least 175 superdelegates would have to reverse their public positions — but “the potential is there.”

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

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Not Your Sweetie



hey sent hillary this e-mail thought your readers might like to read or borrow from it:

Senator Clinton,

My anger and disgust with the Democratic Party go beyond the way you were treated during the primary by the DNC, Obama for America, the Mainstream Media. This race is no longer just about Clinton Vs Obama for president. I do not think now is the time to discuss me and my fellow PUMA’s many issues with the party. Instead I would like to talk about what I looked for in a Democratic Candidate.

I can only be a supporter of a candidate that I believe in, that candidate is you. I can only support a candidate that I believe is ready for the highest office in this land, that candidate is you. I can only support a candidate that is ready on day one to roll up their shirt sleeves and get to work on our nation’s greatest challenges, that candidate is you!

I will only support a candidate I trust to stand firm in their convictions to support core democratic values, that candidate is you. I will only support a candidate that will represent my liberal-progressive beliefs, that candidate is you. I will only support the candidate that fights the good fight; comes back day after day to stand up for me, that candidate is you!

While you have my loyal support even to the convention floor, I own my own vote. My loyalty is not transferable to any candidate that has a “D” after their name. I respect you for keeping your word to support the democratic nominee even if he is unqualified, uninspiring, and un-democratic.

I am asking you to respect my decision not to support Senator Obama under any condition. I along with 9 million (and growing) true loyal democrats under the PUMA/Justsaynodeal/Nobama umbrella, ask you Senator Clinton, to consider our desire to nominate the most qualified candidate. You are that candidate. The hand writing is on the wall if Senator Obama is the Democrat Nominee then the next president will be Senator John McCain.

Only you can save this party, 76 years ago FDR the greatest president of my grandparents time, on the 4th ballot saved the party from nominating the wrong “man”. Fifty years later the greatest president of my time William Jefferson Clinton fought a tough primary battle to save our country from corporate greed and economic malaise. We cannot wait fifty years for another FDR. We need another FDR now and you are the FDR of the new millennium.

Very respectfully,

Michael P Varvel

[…] seems to get the point of the FDR ad. Whoa! They *can* be taught.  Update: edgeoforever found another reference to us and The Denver Group at a local affiliate of ABC News.  We are described as “militant”.  Damn, camouflage makes me look washed out and […]

Excellent letter, Michael!

For some reason, I can’t play the video… 😦

It may be busy right now as a lot of people are checking it. It took me a few tries as well

There is no longer a Democratic Party – it is now called “Obama for America.” I call the resulting entity the Obama/DNC Conglomerate.

I am so tired of the media ignoring the simple fact that Obama is doing things NO ONE HAS DONE BEFORE. They are all pretending we have always been at war with East Asia.

Orwell would be shocked, but not surprised at what this disgusting, un-American POS is trying to do. Newsflash, Obama – this is still a democracy and if we don’t want you, we won’t let you become President. We learned from Bush and we know when someone is trying to steal an election. No more.


To view the video just clik on Chicago ABC station .

I would love nothing more than to have the Democratic convention end with Hillary Clinton as the nominee. I’m certain she would be delighted to give her acceptance speech inside the convention hall instead of grandstanding at the bigger sport stadium.

My reason for taking the “PUMA” stand, though, isn’t about Hillary Clinton as much as it is about the corrupt DNC and the under-handed, dirty way they created the outcome of the primary. Personally, I think Hillary stayed in the race to the end to make sure more voters were able to see what the party was doing. I have really serious concerns over what the party is planning to get from their naive, inexperience, and gaffe-prone candidate. They KNOW he can’t lead this country, or a parade down main street, so what is the intent behind this scam?

“Hillary will have a major role at the convention, even if there won’t be a showdown for the nomination

and the Andy Shaw adds the suggestion “and if she doesn’t want one, there won’t be one regardless of what these militants would like to see”

(Militants – sounds menacing, huh?)”

Oh, WELL- I guess, all the BS propagated by Dean and the DNC that “of course, Hillary will be on the ballot” was nothing more than placating the massive support from Hillary supporters with LIES!

Thanks for posting this important development, RV

Good News. We are making in roads.

I’ve voted for every Democrat on ballot for 40 years. I’ll vote McCain this year.
Obama has destroyed the Democratic Party.

You can go to the NYT link and comment

This is a Faustian deal — Obama wants the nomination for himself, and Party leaders – Dean, Pelosi, etc. – want the nomination for Obama because they think they can control him (but not Hillary). Whatever is actually the case, it’s the country (and the Dem. Party) that loses.

Contact your delegates and superdelegates!

That guy who said Clinton didn’t want a showdown vote at the convention, and that she was fully behind Obama and respected the primary results. WTF??

Who is that guy? Why does he think he can speak for Hillary???

I will only think Hillary feels that way if she comes out and says it, and if that’s the case then I’m voting McCain.

I do not trust Obama.

I’m still upset for what happened to Hillary, but I am terribly frustrated for being betrayed by the Democrats. I voted in Florida for Hillary not for Obama HUSSEIN Barack , my vote hadn’t been counted. I agree with your group….I will support you all….Obama deserves to be defeated…..I’ll vote for McCain, bcz if we don’t vote, Obama will win the White House. I vote for McCain 2008 and Hillary 2012. Obama is too far left, and Socialism is the “CHANGE” he is wants for USA. We can’t let him win…..vote for McCain to close the road for OBAMA.

Hillary will not be on the ticket. Obama will choose someone else. Pelosi and Michelle Obama oppose the vote for Hillary. Go to” http://www.obama white lies.com ” .

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