Update with the NBC cooking the numbers on this poll

Politically Drunk on Power caught the sleight of hand in this polling –

On the other hand, according to NBC pollsters, over 10% of those voting for McCain would vote for Ralph Nader if his name were on the ballot.
The most disturbing number in the poll, however, is Obama’s magically rising number. Perhaps someone could explain to me how it is that, not only does Obama lose no support in a race with Nader’s name on the ballot, but how it is that his polling number increases to 48%

Update with MSNBC take on it:

there are plenty of signs that Obama hasn’t yet closed the deal; if anything, he’s simply grabbing on to the reverse Bush coattails at the moment.

WSJ poll findsΒ  that voters have it about Obama:

This dynamic is underscored in a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. The survey’s most striking finding: Fully half of all voters say they are focused on what kind of president Sen. Obama would be as they decide how they will vote, while only a quarter say they are focused on what kind of president Sen. McCain would be.

When voters were asked whether they could identify with the background and values of the two candidates, 58% said they could identify with Sen. McCain on that account, while 47% said the same of Sen. Obama. More than four in 10 said the Democratic contender doesn’t have values and a background they can identify with.


The writer goes on to compare mcCain with Carter and B0 with raygun. Murdoch REALLY wants this guy.