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Update: today’s tracking poll has the 2 tied at 46% with

McCain is viewed favorably by 57% of voters, Obama by 55%.

While B0 plays emperor of the World, back at the ranch, the polls show a little surprise to the candidate that famously said

“I am confident I will get her votes if I’m the nominee,” Obama stressed. “It’s not clear she would get the votes I got if she were the nominee.”

Hillary voters – the ones that gave her Ohio seem to beΒ  going over to McCain, B0.s confidence notwithstanding.

A poll released today by Rasmussen puts McCain ahead of Obama in the key battleground state of Ohio by 10 points.

Oops! And Michigan ain’t much better

Candidate OH MI
Pollster Rass DetNews
Date 7/21 7/13-16
John McCain 46% 41%
Barack Obama 40% 43%
Bob Barr 2%
Ralph Nader 3%
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McCain is up by 6% in the new Rasmussen Reports Ohio poll.. but his lead grows to 10% when factoring in leaners statewide!

The EPIC/MRA poll of Michigan voters included Ralph Nader and Bob Barr as candidates… and they combined to get 5% of the vote… Obama and McCain are in a razor thin dead heat…

Both pollsters show independents as being highly favorable to McCain. The unfavorable rating for Obama in Ohio is 46% whereas McCains’ unfavorability is lower (39%).

Updating this with an in depth analysis of Ohio from Real Clear politics

(6) Watch the south. It voted heavily for Clinton in the primary, and there are good reasons to expect it to support McCain. The bigger the margins, the better for the GOP.

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