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No, that doesn’t come from a Republican re: 2000 election – it comes from Brazile – who tells us

Believe me, I understand the soul-wrenching ache of watching your candidate lose (Al Gore in 2000). I get it. It sucks to lose

I guess Rove wasn’t kidding when he said

“”She made some generous comments after 9/11 that he deeply appreciated,” Mr. Rove said. ”She is, first of all, a great American before she’s a partisan, and she isn’t stuck in the 2000 election.”

Unless of course she is playing Republican with the PUMAS

Many of us showed our respect for Clinton by withholding our vote and support for Obama until the two had appeared together not once, but twice. I respected her enough that I argued vehemently back in February that the race not be called before every vote was counted and the necessary delegate threshold was reached. That happened June 3.

Guess what, Donna? It didn’t happen June 3 – superdelegates were added to create the illusion the threshold was reached. It wasn’t.

But it’s indeed very respectful of Donna to oppose calling the race in February…However will I repay such generosity?

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter