A reporter had to remind an Obama advisor as the Berlin orgy was described. Per Politico he had to as the adviser was saying:

“It is not going to be a political speech,” said a senior foreign policy adviser, who spoke to reporters on background. “When the president of the United States goes and gives a speech, it is not a political speech or a political rally.

As the seal debacle demonstrated,

ObamaForObama.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

the Obama campaign not only bypassed the primaries, the Democratic convention, but the general elections too!

Still, for the humble us in the reality based comunity, the aide had to correct himself:

“He is going to talk about the issues as an individual … not as a candidate, but as an individual, as a senator,” the adviser added.

Trying to describe this “not a campaign speech”

Aides suggested the speech would not target Republican John McCain, but might draw contrasts with President Bush’s policies.

And this make it not a campaign speech how?

Adds Fox

Lastly, the campaign repeatedly dodged questions about whether it would position a camera crew of its own at the Berlin speech for the express purpose of shooting the scene for future campaign ads.

I bet they don’t tell anyone the speech is taking place…at the zoo

Barack Obama Bans Protest Signs in Berlin.

Obama’s organization is leaving nothing to chance. As of Monday, flyers are being passed out near Berlin’s Zoo that read “Posters & banners not allowed.” For security reasons visitors should not take purses or backpacks.


Ah, did I mention that opposition is verbotten?

Updating with Maggie Gallager’s “Faking it”

Obama has a problem: What do you do when you’re a lightly accomplished one-term senator, a former state legislator from Illinois, a Harvard law graduate who has no substantive record of accomplishments, and you are running against a war hero whom polls show that Americans overwhelmingly view as far more fit to be commander in chief?

Pose, of course.

And brings up Andrea Mitchell (of all people) revelatyins:

“Let me say something about the message management. He didn’t have reporters with him, he didn’t have a press pool, he didn’t do a press conference,” either in Afghanistan or Iraq, noted Mitchell on the air. Instead Obama manufactured “what some would call ‘fake interviews,’ because they are not interviews from a journalist,”

Manufacturing reality just got upgraded