We had a first Triumph of the Willie moment when B0 wanted to use the Brandenburg gate as a backdrop for his awesomeness. That went sour

. In the past, the location has only been used on very special occasions for political speeches by world leaders. And it has been reserved for use only by elected American presidents, not candidates.

So thy negotiated a new backdrop – one with an actual falic symbol to make my title even funnier.

“The Siegessรคule in Berlin was moved to where it is now by Adolf Hitler. He saw it as a symbol of German superiority and of the victorious wars against Denmark, Austria and France,” the deputy leader of the Free Democrats, Rainer Brรผderle, told Bild am Sonntag. He raised the question as to “whether Barack Obama was advised correctly in his choice of the Siegessรคule as the site to hold a speech on his vision for a more cooperative world.”

Oh, well, people here won’t know who this Adolf person was anyway, so who cares what they think?

ObamaForObama.jpg picture by Robbedvoter