The event for NY celebrating 160 years since the first conference for the woman sufrage amendment

was organized by 18million voices and was a crossover with other groups – PUMAs, Just Say No Deal

The Declaration was displayed and signed.

A poorly attended music event was going on close by (it was 100 degrees). The MC mentioned something about election, registration, Senecca Falls. When Hillary’s name was mentioned we cheered loudly.

I got to explain a french woman what this all was about. She told me in france, women only got their right to vote in 1946. In their last election sarcozi’s opponent was also a woman and she also received a beru bad treatment. Although when I told her some of the name calling on by our press she was shocked. She was also shocked to find out B0 was not nominated yet, just a ‘clincher”

“They only talk about him all the time in France”

I got to meet some of the 18 million voices people – Elisabeth from Rise, Hullary, Rise and Raj – and see again the PUMAs Just say no Deal-ers:  Lady Boomer NYC and Annie 1 from Capital Hill were there.

Towards the end someone offered to take a group photo of us – too bad by then most left

We’ve just begun!