Tough contest but The Onion gives it to TIME

Enlarge Image Fluff Piece

One twelfth of the light, glossy, groundbreaking surface-level feature.

In keeping with the tradition of sometimes being the most relevant coverage , the Onion informs us

“When the American people cast their vote this November, this is the piece of fluff they’re going to remember,” Stengel said. “Not the ones by Newsweek, Harper’s, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The New Republic, The Economist, Nightline, The Wall Street Journal, or even that story about lessons Obama learned from his first-grade teacher we ran a month ago.”

and concludes:

Readers have so far responded favorably to the piece, with sales of the latest issue of Time nearly tripling that of an issue last month featuring a 36-page exposé that tore apart and vilified former candidate Hillary Clinton’s health-care plan.

Must admit – tough job – as the pope’s I mean, Clincher’s visit shall be covered by all media “stars” – as they like to call themselves.

It’s not like this cartoon wasn’t out back in february

SNL scored some points with the pillow fluffing and bias was reported by many

Still, in this puritan times where laughing at Bo is verbotten it’s good to see some good ones coming out…