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update of September 15

I was right

Update as of August 19

Also, this little item from the Green Party

McKinney chose as her running mate Rosa Clemente, the New York City-based hip-hop community activist and journalist.  …. her presence on the ticket has the potential to boost the number of African-Americans voting for the Green Party. . McKinney is aiming for 5 percent of the national vote which would qualify the Green Party for federal funding and establish it as a national party.

On this electoral map today, NY figures as “weak democrat” with Obama 47% to Mccain 39

My July prediction still holds

Update: Rassmunsen tracking poll today

Saturday shows Barack Obama attracting 43% of the vote while John McCain earns 41%. When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 46% and McCain 46%

Original post – NY only

Gore, Kerry took NY by 60% (and yes – they won their elections too for the record).

So, imagine my surprise when I see the “clincher” at 50%! (ony 45% per CBS) and here’s the trend they notice:

Democrat Barack Obama now holds a six-point edge over his Republican rival John McCain, leading 45% to 39%. But more voters now than last month are undecided, and more than one in four who express a candidate choice could still change their minds.

The Siena research Institute which did the NY poll says:

Obama’s lead over McCain is 50-37 percent, down from 51-33 percent in June.

So, he no longer has a majority. From what I know NYC-ers (the majority vote in NYS) the flip-flops of June played a big number in that shift. This is a city that easily gets one million people to demonstrate against the war. And they vote!

And the pollsters didn’t even factor in 3rd party candidates. I predict McKinney will do nicely here – her nomination took place this month. . Even Nader will get some votes.  And some PUMAS may easily shift the balance. Watch for it, SDs!

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Seems to me certain magnificent big cats hold 31 electoral votes in their paws (“and then, the claws come out”) Yeah, Obama – all 31 electoral votes go to the winner – Howie can’t make special rules for you now!

reminds me of the last third of this video

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National Poll Averages; New York and Washington


Candidate ABC CBS Quinnipiac NY WA
Pollster ABC CBS Qpac SRI M-Info
Date 7/10-13 7/7-14 7/8-13 7/7-10 7/9-10
Barack Obama 50% 45% 50% 50% 47%
John McCain 45% 39% 41% 37% 37%
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