Oh, well, but they are doing it in a nice way

A group that helps the city deal with homelessness says it intends to distribute as many as 500 movie tickets and passes to the Denver Zoo, Museum of Nature and Science and other city venues away from the convention center, with transportation provided, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

You know, like teenagers sending their parents to a movie when they want to mess around in the house.

Only no opportunity to propagandize is missed:

Big-screen TVs are being donated to the shelters so the “patrons” can watch the convention and stay informed about the issues being discussed.

Sounds like it’s much nicer to be a homeless in Denver than a protester. Unless you tend to agree with this guy:

One of Denver’s homeless, Ronnie Wand, told the Rocky Mountain News he’ll believe the free tickets when he sees them, saying he expects to be rounded up and spend the convention behind bars.

The Democratic National Committee didn’t return calls for comment.

OK, I know getting one’s news from the New York Post is a bit foolish, but in all fairness, they got a credible source this time

Joe Palmerino, Johnny Amason and Jason Klein, from left, stand along Speer Boulevard on Tuesday. With the Democratic National Convention in town next month, a homeless advocacy group plans to hand out passes to theaters and cultural facilities.
they even have a key bit that the Post left out:
A two-day voter registration drive is also planned at shelters and health clinics to ensure that metro area homeless people have access to the polls in November.
Don’t registered voters need an address?
Gee, where are the good ol days when a bottle of booze was enough to get you a vote?