Another source of entertainment – Politico reports:

The guy who launched the new product – the war – in September – to help the congressional elections, telling his soul mate : do what I say, not what I do”. And knowing  BO, he won’t!

“I would ask him to listen to Ryan Crocker [U.S. ambassador to Iraq] and General [David] Petraeus,” Bush said. “There’s a temptation to let the politics at home to get in the way [of] the considered judgment of the commanders. That’s why I strongly rejected an arbitrary timetable of withdrawal.”

Bush said he recognized the pressure on politicians – “, banging away on these candidates – it’s hard to kind of divorce yourself from the politics.”

Oh, W, give Jr.Jr some credit – he already kicked Moveon in the teeth and already promised Zebari the same Mccain did: staying put.

But thanks for the advice, W – you threw B0 in an inescapable loop – damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.And the levels of irony in this story are nearly toxic.