On how many levels is this wrong? let me count the ways.

Politically Drunk captured this astonishing statement:

“I know how hard this is because I didn’t win when I ran, and it was very hard to get my supporters back on board with Sen. (John) Kerry, But we did. It took some time and some hard work but I think we’re making big progress.”

How do I start?

How about – Hillary won th popular vote of 18 million – Dean won…Vermont.

How bout – Hillary got 18,000,000 votes +Β  you got…937,015

2004 votes:

Kerry, John F., 10,045,891
Edwards, John, 3,207,048
Dean, Howard, 937,015
Kucinich, Dennis J., 643,067
(others), 591,524
Clark, Wesley K., 572,207
Sharpton, Alfred C. β€œAl”, 383,683
Uncommitted, 155,388

How about Dean never tried to get his supporters to back Kerry. On the contrary, when he droppd out of the race he called them on a conference call and asked them to back Edwards – out of spite agains Kerry.

How about – Obama is Dean 2.0 – same people manufactured them both, for the same reasons – only Clark cut off Dean’s coup in 2003.

One reason I know B0 and Dean are interchangeable cogs in the same operation

many others can be studied here