More delicious fallout

So the Government would dearly like Mr Obama to find another platform, perhaps the town hall in the district of Schoeneberg where Kennedy expressed his solidarity with West Berlin. Almost everywhere else in the capital has unfortunate historical associations; the Olympic Stadium (where Hitler was enraged by the success of the black athlete Jesse Owens in the 1936 Games) has, for example, been ruled out.

Also, his latest flip flops resonated there too

Both Mr McCain and Mr Obama have expressed support for the death sentence and the right to carry guns β€” strongly-felt German points of issue with America.

Obamania, it appears, may evaporate rather quickly if the senator ever becomes president.

Lynn Sweet reports:

Obama mulling major speech in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg gate; to evoke, Reagan, Kennedy. “Ich bin ein Obama”

Aparently, lacking anything to say on his own, B0 is trying once again to take credit for other people’s moments:

The thinking is Obama would follow in the footsteps of two very famous Cold War-era speeches of U.S. presidents speaking in Germany: JFK “Ich bin ein Berliner” and Reagan “tear down this wall.”

Aparently though, Germans who are wary of megalomaniacs for obvious historic reasons are balking:

“The Brandenburg Gate is the most famous and history-rich site in Germany,” the Chancellery source said. In the past, the location has only been used on very special occasions for political speeches by world leaders. And it has been reserved for use only by elected American presidents, not candidates. The decision on whether the Democrat can speak at the location ultimately lies with the Berlin state government,” Der Spiegel reported.

I guess this could have been the bestest speech in the universe – a real Triumph of the Willie…

Too bad he’s giving the Germans the willies