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Another update

if this wil have anything to do with PUMA history, it’ll have to refer this post be Reclusive Leftist

PUMAs versus possums: this is what a grassroots movement looks like

and a good illustration to the from above possum:

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At this point, officially, the comment section is way more interesting than this post. – you might as well go straight here.

My personal PUMA moment happened  on May 31, in DC, listening to Amy Siskind

I since joined every significant outlet for PUMA – it’s been a blast for the 2 million of us – and ever growing

In honor of PUMA’s 1 months birthday, kicking this to the front


See correction to my version of the beginnings AND acknowledgments from the others.

Not only is the history now right, but the word of PUMA is as it should! United within itself – with me as a happy citizen

Original post – June 14

Since memories start to get foggy, I thought I might establish it here (I posted it at Huffy Pot but they’ll most likely delete it)

Original post – left to stay only for logistic purposes (so the comments make sense) (see June 1st correction in the comments)

Riverdaughter came up with the concept on June 6


It even had a picture to go with it

…some of what this is

The PUMA movement is not about revenge. It is not about racism. It’s not about being immature. It is about holding the Democratic party accountable for abandoning its principles and the people who strengthened its foundations. It is about not rewarding a Party that uses voter suppression techniques on its own members. We want to belong to a party that respects us and works with and for us. We don’t want to hand over our votes without representation.

Found my Stumble Upon entry of that first PUMA moment

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Since this post is getting continuous views, it’s probably a good idea to bring this to the present time

No longer affiliated with anyone

As of today, (August 24, 2009) this blog is fiercely independent, no longer part of any network

We had a common history, we went our own different ways. I am still friends with everyone that was my friend, but since the ideology associated with PUMA is kinda unclear these days, I stay clear of it.

Some of my friends who call themselves PUMA (see PUMA pac) are still of the same mind with me. Some went GOP, tea party or out of politics.

Which is why I am not a PUMA anymore.