Obama criticizes MoveOn.org in patriotism speech

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday, in a major speech on patriotism, criticized MoveOn.org for referring to Gen. David Petraeus as General Betray Us last year.

The Illinois senator said politics too often seems “trapped in old, threadbare arguments” that he called “caricatures of left and right.”

This, Obama added, was “most evident during our recent debates about the war in Iraq, when those who opposed administration policy were tagged by some as unpatriotic, and a general providing his best counsel on how to move forward in Iraq was accused of betrayal.”

Ha!Ha! Ha! Karma is a bitch! You could not have endorsed Hillary who voted against the censure by the senate – you picked the guy who abstained!
bad, bad , bad idea!

And could it be true – Arianna called the Precious New Coke

Watering down that brand is the political equivalent of New Coke. Call it Obama Zero.?

I wonder if Arianna read this

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Where’s your “progressive” candidate now , ers?