This was inspired by Riverdaughter’s righteous rant

God! What insensitive, stupid, selfish, racist idiots we are. We have *their* votes. They have to get their votes from US. Like they have time for this. If only we could see how important this is to them we wouldn’t be so ignorant and self-centered. Why am I not more reasonable with my vote? Sitting right under my old, stupid, racist, fat ass.

Indeed there’s been lots of “wooing” of this sort – not even W seemed to feel THAT entitled to our votes (maybe because he knew he’d correct it in the “tabulation” phase)

Just like that sign I saw at a war protest:


The “strategy” of shaming us into submission is never letting up.

Why only recently, Nina Tottemberg said

3 million mostly older women being discussed as never voting for Obama (i.e., PUMA) say that they are responding to sexism, but she thinks it is about race. Nina said it is not about Hillary (partially correct I believe ) but it is really a cover to a racist response to Obama.

Of course. The laws of the universe say he must be obeyed. Only evildoers break that law.
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