Update – from the PUMA press release

An event, not designed to bring real unity, but to create a show of it for the media and mass consumption by the American people.
The setting is remote, making it difficult for people to attend.  The entire road will be shut down in front of the elementary school where the event is to take place. Only official Obama campaign buses will be allowed to travel the road, forcing anyone wanting to attend the event to sign up on his web-site and park several miles away, then travel on his buses.  This does not sound like a real attempt at addressing the causes of the disunity in the party.  It seems like an elaborate way to control the media message and weed out dissent.  It is Unity through purge.

And from Alegre’s account

The most revealing moment of the evening: early in his remarks, Senator Obama told us he would have to be “extraodordinarily humble.” Anybody who tells me he or she must be humble is telling me he or she is not about to be humble.

Update – More W echos

Unity Event to pre-screen audience

The HRC email the other day had a rsvp indicating invites would be given out. My $250 donor status didn’t rate getting me an email invite back. I think the place is going to be stacked with BO supporters only.
Per WMUR NH TV news at noon:
Off site parking only, no walk ins, must ride the bus, no signs, no tees, no bags

Original post

No Quarter gives us a rundown of B0’s arrogant stands at the Unity Pony meeting – calling it succinctly

Obama Bombs. As he describes B0’s failure to be generous or raise above the situation, I get a flashback to 2000 (how can I not?). Following another stolen election, another arrogant selected emperor wannabe went to the motions of “uniting” the nation – they were calling it “bipartisanship” before the Unity Pony.

I remember W went as far as showing uninvited to a Democratic congress retreat. Like B0, he’d been assured by way to many about his charm and he was on a “charm offensive” – where he charmingly offended everyone by calling them pet names and talking down to them.

And now, the W successor (according to the pundits at least) is doing the same at a meeting where he was supposed to ‘heal the rift” with the winning half of the voters – or at least – the only part he seems to care about – the donors.

he didn’t miss any opportunity to make things worse – such as with this comment:

3. What will you do to stop the sexist smear of Hillary? The questioner noted that Barack did nothing to quell the rampant sexist attacks on Hillary during the campaign and that she continues to be brutalized. Barack said, “Yes, I know. But there is another woman who has been brutalized as well. The healing will take a long time to fix.”

Yeah, I heard from Hollywood people that “doing the View can be brutal”. So can be a makeover.

So, there’s little wonder that

his real interest was getting access to the phone lists of Hillary’s donors and contacts. Hillary supporters at the gathering sat on their hands, their checkbooks, and their lists.

Mishun NOT accomplished