I watched that painful humiliation in her video asking me to give the thief my money.

Dunno and don’t care what they hold over her to make her debase herself so.

A democrat in the White House?

If Obama is one, then I don’t want a democrat in the White House. let’s have a Martian, or a platipuss or a shoe. Anything that is not Obama.

Howard dean NEVER endorsed John Kerry – in fact he had a conference call with his supporters urging them to go to Edwards after he dropped out.

My loyalty is not to any candidate, It’s to my principles. Which say: thieves are not to be rewarded.

I guess one option is off the table: no more writing Hillary in. One down, many more to go.

So, we part ways. You go your way – the Denver hope I guess is out.

I go mine. Good bye.

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Again, for those of you who missed this – all donations at that website go to the Selected one now!

I know that checks can be sent this way

The address to mail a check to is:
Hillary Clinton for President
4420 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22203

Headquarters: 703.469.2008
Fax: 703.962.8600
but I can’t say for sure where those will end up either.
I had to add this fabulous commentary at Riverdaugter’s
  1. Feels good to be single again !!! Slinking around like a proud pussy cat !! Meow !!

    I am sad Hillary had to break it off, but I know she still loves me. She’ll be back – we’ll be together again.