How could I miss this brilliant article at No Quarter?

Bugliosi argues convincingly that it wasn’t just voters of Florida who were robbed of their franchise, it was the 50 million voters across the country who voted for Gore. Similarly, the delegate stealing of Michigan and Florida isn’t only about the intent of 2.5 million voters, it’s the intentional disenfranchisement of nearly 18 million Hillary voters, a majority of the Democratic Party’s 2008 voters.

The RBC’s back room deal regarding Michigan, which only won approval by a single vote, has the familiar ring of Bush v. Gore, where one Supreme Court Justice vote made Bush president. As Jerome Armstrong writes, “One RCB vote changed everything.”

And that’s what happened – no matter how many times they yell “she lost”

The RBC decision was a culmination of one side decisions and rules meant to disadvantage one candidate – just like the 2000 mess was.