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I once said that is somehow B0 gets installed, we’ll look on the W days as “the good ol’ days”

I reported on the Sinclair event here

This turn of events establishes the point now on, freepers have nothing on the Oborg

Wired reports:

The reader, named “Margot”, contacted the D.C. police, but was told the cops wouldn’t arrest Sinclair unless they got confirmation that he was at the press conference, and were provided with a detailed description. The morning of the event, Sinclair helpfully posted a picture of himself on his blog, and in a post warned Obama supporters not to try and crash his press conference.

The photo allowed Margot to phone the police with a description. Then she went down to the Press Club to see the results.

So, those of you still not worshiping the Messiah, have your lawyer phone on you at all times – they got beyond banning you from websites for dissenting.

I didn’t think I’d live to see a headline like this one – considering that in the past an Asian woman was told to get lost from the camera angle as the volunteer was clamoring “We need more white people” and other instances.

Still, here it is:

Barack Obama personally apologized Thursday to two Detroit-area women who were barred from sitting behind him during a campaign rally because they wore Islamic headscarves.

Miracles do happen

Not Your Sweetie

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