No Quarter comments on B0’s breaking his promise to use public campaign financing.

Does it mean Dean won’t sue McCain for doing the same anymore?

as he promised in this letter to the faithful?

Demand that John McCain keeps his promise to the American people. Add your name.I wrote to you in late February asking that you sign on in support of a complaint we made to the Federal Election Commission regarding John McCain.

The complaint was fairly simple. John McCain decided to break a promise he made to the American people — he said that he would accept federal matching funds for his primary campaign, but then backed out of the pledge after he started receiving staggering amounts of lobbyist and special interest money. We asked the FEC to enforce the agreement he had made.

So, I guess signing the petition stopping McCain from doing that is out, right?

You can put pressure on John McCain to honor his agreement with the FEC by signing your support — we need 100,000 Americans to stand up and demand that he keep the promise that he made the American people. If we’re ever going to have truly clean campaigns, it’s going to take all of us fighting for them.

Click the link to add your name:

Yeah, I think it’s probably no longer a “go”