Hillary Hotline does the math and tells the story

Had Michigan and Florida both seated their delegates in full like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina did, and the delegates had been counted as the voters voted, then the results of the election would have been:

Hillary Clinton 1,725 pledged delegates
Barack Obama 1,707 pledged delegates

Hillary Clinton would have won the pledged delegate count by 18 delegates.

(thanks to Riverdaughter at The Confluence for calculating this).

The reality is that Hillary Clinton did win both the pledged delegate votes and the popular vote total:

Popular vote total:

Hillary Clinton 18,046,007 votes
Barack Obama 17,869,542 votes

Hillary Clinton won by 176,465 votes
This election was stolen, a sham.

Indeed. RBC played the SCOTUS part from 2000 and switched the advantage – to the least qualified.

The media repeating “Hillary lost” won’t be any more effective than adding the tag “who lost the election to W” tag they always put on Gore. In time, it will be clear to all what went on. So far, it’s only 18,000.000 of us who can’t “get over it”