has a fantastic entry about how Donna re-branded the party in a New Coke kinda move


Donna Brazile must be credited in history as the person chiefly responsible for rebranding the Democrat Party. Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and others came quickly on board, but it was Brazile who led the way. The New Democrat Party, the Obama Party, is Donna Brazile’s New Coke.

Just as New Coke tried to copy Pepsi by seeming “sweeter” and losing the “battery acid taste” that market research identified as the key limiter to Coke’s success, Brazile & Company wanted the Democrats to become Republican-Lite: to be the new party of the upwardly mobile and affluent, but younger, hipper, and more Starbucks/iPod Generation than the Brooks Brothers/Blue Chip Republican crowd. Brazile’s vision has always been for a long-term phase-out of the poor, the working class, the religious, the Hispanic, the Catholic, the ethnic, and the Jewish communities that gave the Democrats the traditional equivalent of Coke’s “battery acid taste”: hard to market as “hip” to new voters, with loyalists who struggle unglamorously from paycheck to paycheck. Despite the inconvenient truth that these are the people who’ve formed the backbone of the party since 1932, the “New Democrat Party” largely abandons this FDR/New Deal Coalition for the Scarlett Johansons, MySpace, and Mac crowd, who’ve never been involved in politics before, and who are most prone to being caught up in the latest fad

True, but was it really Donna’s idea?
let’s go back to 2003 when it may have all started.
Accoding to the NYT
Today, they (Donna and Karl) chirpily exchange e-mail, chat on the phone and write letters, indulging in their shared zeal for the inner workings of politics.

”I like her a lot,” said Mr. Rove, now ensconced in the West Wing as President Bush’s chief political adviser.
She also said she believed that through her relationships with Republicans she might be able to broaden their thinking.

”The Republicans are in charge,” she said. ”I don’t want African-Americans to wait four years or eight years for the Democrats to get back in the game before we make progress.’
And what would Mr. Rove’s boss say about consorting with the enemy?

”She made some generous comments after 9/11 that he deeply appreciated,” Mr. Rove said. ”She is, first of all, a great American before she’s a partisan, and she isn’t stuck in the 2000 election.”
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