It just hit me – when reading Peggy Noonan and other right wingers praising Bo and saying it’s no longer Dem vs GOP but new vs old” now – they are actually right!
Not about the age but they revealed that the whole party politics system in this race is ed up. It just became irrelevant all of a sudden.
Democrats worked actively against Hillary – some right wingers are trying to subvert their own.
Which leaves us, disenfranchised Hillary voters with “women vs men” dynamic.
Of course, we can enlarge this into the “people vs the elites” dynamic – as the arugula article prooved – but it’s just less obvious to people.
So, I’ll stay with this:
“Whatever helps Women this fall is what helps ME”
It’s a very liberating thought and it provides a good answer to “but how can you vote GOP?”
I am not sure which party I’ll end up picking in November – but one thing I know: what advances the women’s cause best is my course of action.
So, keep them legs crossed boyz, we’re coming for you!

both parties, its us women now!