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NYT is trying really hard…
“In many ways, he really will be the first woman president,” Megan Beyer of Virginia, a charter member of Women for Obama, told reporters. An op-ed essay in The New York Post headlined “Bam: Our 1st Woman Prez?” came to a similar conclusion, if a tad more snidely: “Those shots of Barack and Michelle sitting with Oprah on stools had the feel of a smart, all-women talk panel.”
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The kinda woman the media can accept – but can “it” iron my shirt?
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Update – for some wisdom, we go to The Onion:

Grandmother Proud To Have Lived Long Enough To See First Viable Female Candidate Torn Apart

“Hillary [Clinton] showed America that a woman can be politically destroyed just as completely and heartbreakingly as any man,” said Graney, a lifelong feminist. “What an amazing example for today’s young women who aspire to fail spectacularly at the highest levels.” Graney expressed hope that one of her granddaughters might someday be the first woman to get utterly eviscerated in a nationwide general election.

Anglachel reports
If the DNC has already relocated to Chicago, as reported by the commenter Molly in the Hillary Clinton Forum, then the plan to move was approved months ago.
Speculations as to when go on – obviously while people were still voting. here’s one guess: How about May 8?

It just hit me – when reading Peggy Noonan and other right wingers praising Bo and saying it’s no longer Dem vs GOP but new vs old” now – they are actually right!
Not about the age but they revealed that the whole party politics system in this race is ed up. It just became irrelevant all of a sudden.
Democrats worked actively against Hillary – some right wingers are trying to subvert their own.
Which leaves us, disenfranchised Hillary voters with “women vs men” dynamic.
Of course, we can enlarge this into the “people vs the elites” dynamic – as the arugula article prooved – but it’s just less obvious to people.
So, I’ll stay with this:
“Whatever helps Women this fall is what helps ME”
It’s a very liberating thought and it provides a good answer to “but how can you vote GOP?”
I am not sure which party I’ll end up picking in November – but one thing I know: what advances the women’s cause best is my course of action.
So, keep them legs crossed boyz, we’re coming for you!

both parties, its us women now!

t appears that, just like the naive Oborg, the B0 campaign mavens also believe a win in the primaries means a win in GE!
According to this
Ohio and Fla are forfeit and

Plouffe and his aides are weighing where to contest, and where chances are too slim to marshal a large effort. A win in Virginia (13 electoral votes) or Georgia (15 votes) could give Obama a shot if he, like Kerry, loses Ohio or Florida.

Plouffe also has been touting Obama’s appeal in once Republican-leaning states where Democrats have made gains in recent gubernatorial and congressional races, such as Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Alaska and North Dakota.

Earth to Plouffe: There’s no caucases in the GE. More than 5% of the voters get to be heard – your goons can’t kicj the opponents out at the door (I hope)

As for Colorado, someone tell Plouffe that after leaving Denver in debt from the cash strapped Dem convention, the state will be red for eternity!
Also, the rented Republicans – those you gave 2 forms to change registration twice – are back home by November as agreed – remember?

“We give them two forms – one to change their registration now for the primary and one so they can switch back later,”BO volunteer revealing the true goals of the campaign

I cannot improve much on the title of this piece
it makes a good point about the class aspect of this election. – what HRC was refering to when she said – the poor white working class is with me”
It’s not a new thing either.
I remember an analysis of Clinton hate – cca 2001 – which said it was a class thing. The Washington elite – right AND LEFT – felt the Clintons were interlopers into their privileged world.
Bill Clinton himself knew that. When asked by a supporter the same year about the reason for the hatred he answered:

“because I won – and they thought they were entitled”

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