That insider comment at Riverdaughter blog

CB, on June 5th, 2008 at 9:21 pm Said:

Passed on to me as “inside” information. The comment that associated my
email was “May not be accurate, but sounds credible.” I don’t
understand the DNC’s rationale if it is worth losing the Presidency to
garner new voters and now the Obama campaign realizes it needs Hillary
supporters. I doubt the new voters equal those who are jumping ship.

Email text follows:

Okay, so now that Hillary has issued a statement to the press, I’ll
elaborate on what I know:

Basically, on Tuesday Hillary spent the day at home calling
superdelegates. In doing so, she discovered that Obama supporters,
Uncommitted supers and a few of her supporters had essentially made a
pact with the DNC that they would not support Hillary at the
convention. She was essentially told that she needed to get out of the
race asap. Someone told the press that she was going to get out last
night, but Hillary didn’t want to exit the race when someone else told
her to do it (the media) and instead, decided she would exit on her own
time, under her conditions. I think it was her last opportunity to
actually call her own shots versus having the DNC, party officials and
media do it. In fact, during the meeting today, she joked that she had
realized that she wanted to be a person who “talked for a living”, as
you always had work and the things you said didn’t even have to be true.

Anyway, apparently, the idea that Obama isn’t going to be able to win
the nomination came up while talking to the DNC/supers and the response
she received was that Obama brought in a lot of new Democratic voters
(and ultimately, a lot of new Democratic money) and thus, while the
party might lose the election in the short term (the presidential
election, that is), the long term would be good, as the party would
have lots of new voters and money.

The belief was that even though Obama might not be able to win the
presidency, the fact that he had “all these new voters” would help to
ensure that the party won the congressional and senatorial seats in
play in November. I asked if Hillary had read the comments posted by
her supporters and was told that she did and that if she felt she could
win the election (garner the superdelegate support at the convention),
she would have stayed in the race. However , the DNC and supers made it
very clear to her that they would not support her and that she needed
to get out.

The airwaves today were full of Obama supporters demonizing Hillary for
not dropping out of the race last night. They went on and on about how
selfish she is and how “dare she strong arm for the VP position”. I was
told that she has never once asked for the VP spot ,AND that she hasn’t
been talking to the Obama campaign at all about what to do next. She
came to her decision on her own, but did indicate that she would use
some of her delegate support to get the healthcare plan on the Obama

In typical Obama fashion, he allowed the media to go on and on for the
last two weeks about how Hillary is staying in the race so she can be
the VP. Today that rhetoric reached a ridiculous level and the hate
directed at her was completely over the top. Again, no statement from
Obama regarding the truth: That she had NOT asked for the VP spot. (In
fact, from what I understand, Hillary has no obvious desire to be a
part of the Obama campaign whatsoever.

This seems good, as right now, people love her and she can exit this
looking like the queen that she is. If she goes with Obama, then the
media will say that they were right all along-that Hillary stayed in
this after March because she wanted the VP spot…his supporters will
also go crazy with that logic, as they have no idea that she stayed in
for us and because she should have been able to win had the supers and
DNC not been in Obama’s pocket.)

Regardless, around 6:30, the media began reporting that Hillary would
concede on Friday. Apparently, she hadn’t reported this to the media
and they were again frustrated with the media’s attempt to strong arm
her into conceding on Friday. Despite the fact that she was going to
concede, she wanted it on her own terms. Thus, she decided to set a
date to concede, but scheduled it for Saturday-one last opportunity to
stick it t o the media (we love Hillary for that).

About one hour after that, Obama issued a statement admitting that
Hillary did not negotiate anything before indicating she would concede.
Once again, he believed it would make him look good to appear
“gracious”, but clearly fails to realize that her supporters are not
the idiots that he and his supporters think we are.

It seems that today, his supporters are starting to figure out that
they will need her supporters to win the election (though it’s too
little, too late in my opinion… 😉 and are attempting to
opportunistically seize upon the moment. Take this very unifying and
non-condescending article in which an Obama supporter attempts to
explain why the morons, also known as Hillary’s supporters, should will
vote Obama…unless they really are the uneducated, self centered idiots
that he clearly thinks they are:

The last statement of the article speaks volumes:

I guess I’m (as an Obama supporter )not self centered enough to throw
my daughters chance at a happy life away by throwing a vote McCain’s
way. (like those selfish Hilary supporters) I (unlike Hillary’s
supporters) have this petty little thing called a conscience. It forces
me to make decisions while viewing the consequences to everyone
(hmm….how very giving and kind of you…wish Hillary’s supporters could
be a little more like that).