Scary Thought: What if TPTB want BO after all?

What if we were wrong about the taking a dive theory and the media being only on loan for B0 – and instead he is the two party vision of fascism in America?
They got rid of Hillary – and fawning still ongoing. I give it another month or so, till I buy it. If true, voting McCain would be justified.

Another sign of this apocaliptic prediction:
Christian leaders meet privately with B0
That sound very much like that media meeting in Al Franken’s living room to crown Kerry
the only link I have of it is now from my DU journal
seems truthout scrubbed it
In the meanwhile, media as a Bo surrogate gets a new look at No Quarter
Not only did Obama enjoy being the media’s darling, his campaign fed the media talking points against Senator Clinton, and then when the MSM used these talking points, Obama’s campaign would react in feigned horror that Hillary would say or do such things. Their reaction would then be picked up and reported on by the MSM, creating a continual loop of reporting, reacting, reporting, reacting, ad nauseum.
Anyway. to lighten up on my I’ll just link to the Stonecutters song