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Flogging the strawman: media was bad

No sooner did dean finished saying: yeah, gisls – i just found out the media was bad – sorry for not noticing before! Now come back, that coffee ain’t making itself”
that, predictably, the media is following – yet again – this talking point.
Suddenly, everyone is noticing – Catie Couric, Tom Brokaw and daily venom spitting New York Times are self-flagellating. Well, not really “self”- they all point fingers at “the others”.
And to add insult to injury, the previously silent NOW fakes a roar:
“NOW’s president, Kim Gandy, said her members would remain alert: “We’re going to keep watching because we think Michelle Obama will be the recipient of the same kind of attacks that Hillary was.”

(of course, Kim – Miss “Who can’t take care of her house can’t go in the White House” is exactly your kind of standard bearer,

Here’s the New York Times photo accompanying the story
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So, we are to believe that the media did it, right? Why? because …the media sez so.
here’s another view: the media did and it’s still executing Obama’s campaign memos.
The guy who said “now the claws come out” and “when she is periodically down in the polls” is still untouched by the flagellation.
Kinda like Clarence Thomas was when “we learned all those lessons about sexual harrassment” from the Anita Hill debacle. (brilliant simile from my guy)

Meet the New GOP (still ironically called “Dem”

I am old enough
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to remember when dems were priding themselves of not walking in goose step and being individuals who are free to make their mind on their own. Ah the good ol times!
Now, with headlines like THIS ONE and THIS ONE I see the goose step is implemented.
I remember how we were laughing at the GOP-ers who timidly tried to disagree with Bush (recently Warner, Hagel) only to be “brought back on the plantation” with as big fanfare…
In the old country there use to be a joke. They had a thing called “Reorganization” where nonsensically everyone was switching position with everyone else. Someone was asking for an explanation as to why that was.
“You see – if you have a big bag of mice – soon enough they’ll try to chew their way through and break free. So, now and then, you need to shake the bag – and this is reorganization”
I believe that the same wise man came up with the idea to pick the next dictator from the other part of the bag of mice.
I hope I am wrong.
Update The awesome Riverdaughter has weighted in the same thought – how can I not add what she says?

And here is where Howard Dean and Donna Brazile are running into problems: The party has never been an authoritarian one. The Democrats are legendary for being unable to corral its members. It is easier to herd cats than control the members of the Democratic party. Party unification for uscan not be a top down decree. This isn’t the Unification Church and Howard Dean is no Reverend Sun Yung Moon.


What it looks like to the typical Democrat, that loyal party stalwart, is a takeover. I don’t think Obama or his enablers would disagree with this. But they have picked the wrong party.

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Scary Thought: What if TPTB want BO after all?

What if we were wrong about the taking a dive theory and the media being only on loan for B0 – and instead he is the two party vision of fascism in America?
They got rid of Hillary – and fawning still ongoing. I give it another month or so, till I buy it. If true, voting McCain would be justified.

Another sign of this apocaliptic prediction:
Christian leaders meet privately with B0
That sound very much like that media meeting in Al Franken’s living room to crown Kerry
the only link I have of it is now from my DU journal
seems truthout scrubbed it
In the meanwhile, media as a Bo surrogate gets a new look at No Quarter
Not only did Obama enjoy being the media’s darling, his campaign fed the media talking points against Senator Clinton, and then when the MSM used these talking points, Obama’s campaign would react in feigned horror that Hillary would say or do such things. Their reaction would then be picked up and reported on by the MSM, creating a continual loop of reporting, reacting, reporting, reacting, ad nauseum.
Anyway. to lighten up on my I’ll just link to the Stonecutters song

Update with Donna Brazile mail proving she is in this:

From: Donna Brazile []

Sorry, this email is unkind and worst based on vicious rumors, lies and GOP inspired hatred.

Do not send me anything like this and I promise not to send your email address to anyone.

I am sorry you are hurt, but to spread hate only leads to more hatred.

Soon, I will have to kick some truth into the lies.

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Capital Hill was created because we were systematically pushed out by another site we were on – DU.
We din’t think that was unique – but we thought the idea was from individual losers with no life. Bot, it turns out it was all coordinated from Mr hope/Change. I am just getting what the change is all about – just like Bush – only far more f it.
First, I need to direct you to this entry at Rezko Watch, so that you will understand that the systematic internet abuse of people who do not support Barack Obama is planned by the Barack Obama campaign with the blessings of the Plastic Jesus Himself.
The idea here is to turn the internet into a constant Pro Obama “echo”. This includes going where people who do not support Obama are. It also included driving all Hillary supporters away from presumably “objective” sites until the sites become All Obama All The Time.

Which led to some hilarious effects at times such as this “best of” page

or this hillarious fundraiser at another fallen site

or this one, at the  former forum: “Punch the admin”

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