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Crooks and Liars & Jon Stewart Calls Out Bush&8217;s Rhetorical Bull$*#t []

: “In a speech delivered before a backdrop of military families, he had the audacity to claim that it was the Democrats who were keeping their loved ones in Iraq longer (despite a provision in the bill that mandated a one year leave period). The only problem is that Secretary Gates announced the very next day that he would be extending tours from 12 to 15 months.”tds-bush-bullshit.jpg

Virginia Tech Tragedy: President Bush Expresses Shocked Outrage Over Brutal []

“Because remember: guns don’t kill people, mentally unhinged young adults who are able to purchase guns from unblinking redneck death profiteers kill people. Sigh. It’s just a goddamn shame that campus Army recruiters never got a chance to scoop that talented little superstar up and give him an outlet for his sociopathic rage.

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American Zombie: John Edwards: nice hair…now pay your bills []
the Edwards campaign not only exploited the city…they swindled local companies in order to do it. This really is disgusting. Businesses are struggling to survive in New Orleans”

Alberto Gonzales is bloodied, but not beaten, by his trip to the Senate. – []

“According to Whitehouse, the Clinton protocol authorized just four folks at the White House to chat with three folks at Justice. Out comes the Bush protocol, and now 417 different people at the White House have contacts about pending criminal cases with 30-some people at Justice. You can just see zillions of small boxes nattering back and forth. It seems that just about everyone in the White House, including the guys in the mailroom, had a vote on ongoing criminal matters.”
Which, come to think of it, adds layers and layers of irony to Scotty’s blanket non-answer:
I can’t comment of that because there’s an ongoing investigation”

Whitehouse chart.

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