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ABQjournal: Domenici Sought Iglesias Ouster []
From the page:Wow! And Iglesias WAS fired!How did THAT happen?

“He told Domenici he would fire Iglesias only on orders from the president.”

“We don’t want to have a beer with your alcoholic pResident.
An open letter to the corporate media.

by MN Against Bush
Dear corporate propagandists,

In 2000 you told us that George Bush was appealing because he was the type of person you would like to have a beer with. Of course you knew full well that Bush was a recovering alcoholic, but that didn’t seem to make a difference to you, you wanted us to give him the opportunity to put his finger on the nuclear trigger in the hopes that we all might be able to get drunk with him”

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The Blog | Brent Budowsky: Bush Demeans American Election | The Huffington []
What you can steal, piss on (wait, Bush has judgment?)

Today’s radio address by George Bush included some of the most demeaning, deceptive, dishonest and delusional words ever spoken by an American President.

The President said that in the 2006 elections the American people did not vote for Congress to substitute its judgment for his.

What a bald faced lie and what a slander of the very idea of American democracy.


Bushs imperial historian []
bush’s white supremacist adviser on Iraq

“Roberts advises Bush to embrace the idea of the United States as a civilizing empire ruling the world: the white man’s burden in the White House. Pigmentation–the old basis for dominance–is now discredited, so he has politely switched to linguistics.”

This is a recurring theme in Roberts’s
work, with obvious appeal to Bush: that nationalist sentiments can be
successfully crushed with massive violence.

David Cowles

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