“Thus, there is special poignancy in what the son told a reporter during an exuberant moment during his second campaign for Texas governor: “It’s hard to believe, but—I don’t have time to worry about being George Bush’s son. Maybe it’s a result of being confident. I’m not sure how the psychoanalysts will analyze it, but I’m not worried about it. I’m really not. I’m a free guy.” (12) A psychoanalyst would observe the opposite seems true. He has been worrying about his fate as his father’s son quite a lot.”

“Consider the emotional overtones of the phrase “No Child Left Behind” as it might apply to the boy George Bush. Are enacting the program and then sabotaging the program gestures that express the sense of
inadequacy and despair he felt as a student

Of course, No Child Left Behind” is not just a W personal drama emotional reveal, but rather a dog whistle call to the rapture crowd, held together by the awfully written “Left Behind Books”

The message there is: I shall make sure THEIR children will be saved too, by making religious education the only option left – once my legislation would have reached its purpose. Then you and I, your kids and theirs can all happily be raptured, leaving only the hethen parents behind. Alone.