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Counting on American’s mistrust of the rest of the world, the media is fueling hysteria against Snowden to distract from his revelations.

The funniest thing about this headline is the fact that doubts are raised today if snowden was ever in Moscow. 

The karmic line from that article is

Many journalists did board the flight which is alcohol free and will last 12 hours. They will have to stay in Cuba for three days.

Please tell me that Dances-with Rove Gregory is there too!

I saved this leaftlet the Obama campaign was handing in 2008  because I knew it will come in handy

2008-02-06_obama_mailer_clintons_4.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

That leaflet that was the net change after 2 elections (1994 and 200) was circulated by the Obama campaign.

After telling Marion Berry in 2009 that this will be different than 1994 because “This time you got ME”

Well, this is what “ME” got in just one election



Senate – add one seat from last December special election – 6+1


and 13 state legislatures.

8  years of the Clintons vs 2 years of Obama! With the media investigating Clinton non-stop and making Obama the Messiah little difference.

Of course, Obama doesn’t think this is his fault and is ready to compromise some moore

But the president is said to not view the Republican wave as a personal rebuke. Rather, he sees it as an indication of continued economic anxiety and an admonition for both parties to work together. Some of the “no compromise” rhetoric Republicans are using is a misreading of the public mood, a senior White House official said.

It was only Clinton’s fault back them as IACF.

And about that economic anxiety – whose job was to fix that? Clinton’s?


The results will surprise you

Time for Hillary to Run…..

I also loved this from the comments



I wasn’t sure if I wanted to comment on this story when I read it this morning.

I know I had a good chuckle thinking that karma was a bitch at the memory of M0 chastising Hillary for Bill’s infidelity

Beyond that, it’s none of my business what they do in private.

But if the Enquirer got it right again, I will compare the media coverage now and in the 90s.

And whether this proves to be true or not, I shall enjoy the B0bots  panic

New Anti Obama Rumor. He is Having An Affair & There Is A Video To Prove It

The OP poster is attacked and she has to defend her loyalty.

wow, +infinity for the solid instincts

That is exactly whats going on here with this concern troll.
im a Democrat and you can leave if your not
romantico (1000+ posts)
20. Troll? Um, Hey Moron, I’ve been here since Dec 2000!
I am NOT defending the NE!!!! I am posting a story that is out there. If I did not post it someone else would. DO NOT ACCUSE ME of starting a rumor(Unless I misread your post) How is this any different than someone posting what Rush said or Glen Beck said? JESUS CHRISTS! Some of the idiots here need to think before they post!

Larry Sinclair is brought up

11. Yeah, it’s kinda funny though

Remember when that attention seeking douchebag Larry Sinclair came up with some story about how he and Obama were having a gay-sex-and-cocaine-fueled affair? And how even though he couldn’t back up any of his claims, and failed any and every polygraph test he was put to, the Republicans thought he was totally legit?

Well now apparently they can’t make up their minds because according to Larry Sinclair, Obama’s gay. But they want to believe this new ‘story’ about him cheating with a woman. So apparently they can’t even settle on his sexuality. :rofl:

and a lot of nervous laughter. And a healthy dose of CDS from a Deaniac

After what happened to Bill Clinton there will never be another Democratic President STUPID enough

cheat…and Obama is NOT stupid.

Always good to remember who these people are – because there have been a few instances lately I almost felt sorry for them.

And while I don’t really want to know anything about Obama’s personal life, when I see some of those posts – and remember M), I almost want this to be true.

Today in irony: Here’s a headline I read this morning that made me laugh out loud

In Ohio, Democrats cast themselves as outsiders

Ohio’s U.S. Senate campaign offers an excellent preview of what this fall’s midterm elections will be like: Everyone in the race wants to be an outsider, everyone pledges to break with politics as usual, and everyone is talking about jobs.

Some of it is sincere form of flattery of Scott Brown

In a year when independence seems chic, Brunner argues that she might be the Democrats’ answer to Scott Brown, who rode his outsider status and his pickup truck to an unanticipated Republican victory that shook the nation.

“I do drive a pickup truck,” Brunner says, “but I was already doing it — I needed it for my dogs.”

The article goes in the specifics of this particular primary race but barely touches on the reasons for these outlandish claims from the party in power of being outsiders. In fact the words “distancing themselves from Obama” never come into play. Remember the rule, kids: when it’s bad news its “Washington, Feds”. When it’s good news, it’s Obama. Bush”. For Clinton it plays in reverse. Here’s how it’s applied here

As for the fall, Fisher believes that several more months of economic growth will improve the climate for Democrats. And he adds: “Much of the unrest and anger we’re seeing is directed much more at Washington and Wall Street than at any particular political party.”

Dream on, candidate. Whatever the economy might do, there won’t be any improvement in  jobs for the next 5 years. That’s the part of the economy voters care about – the rest is just rhetoric.

Republicans made sure their own ugly brainchild, Romneycare is laid firmly at the Democrats step.

So, let’s face it: outsider in this case is code for “I didn’t vote for Obama’s mandates “

Which, considering that Ohio went to Hillary in the primaries, is doubly sweet.

For added fun, think of Democratic incumbents who were actually in ” evil” Washington, doing Washington things with the Wall Street guys. What will their narrative be?

And this is your schadenfreude thought for the day.


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